by Nathan M. Swan


This tool allows you to simulate a fictional particle physics. Each particle has a location (x, y) and a weight, which can be positive (attractive), negative (repulsive), or zero. The fundamental force acts upon the world in discrete moments of time. The force a particle exerts is proportional to its weight, inversely proportional to the distance between it and its object, and irrespective of the weight of its object:

force of A upon B = (weight of A) / (distance between A and B)

Units are defined so that in 1 moment, a particle of weight 1 will cause a particle 1 unit away to move 1 unit towards it (see the biset_stable sample).


To input particles into the editing buffer, add one line for each particle, expressed as the x y weight values separated by spaces. Control time with the buttons above the canvas, click and drag to pan, and use your mouse wheel to zoom.